Sunday, May 28, 2017

Lien vidéo Microcosmos pour Guitare 3

Microcosmos en anglais 02-04--17 3/3


Not as one would in music schools, who have remained on a way of thinking that the word was first, but follow the natural way which is the way a mother learns language from her child. She does not think of grammar or syntax, but only verifies the depth of communication with her child. I feel that this relationship with language is more appropriate if we want to accompany the neophyte on the path of creativity. We must seek to convey that it is not in the sterile repetition that one obtains the creativity but in astonishment. We must know how to upset, to move in order to remain in life and to play in a living way. My idea was to deconstruct the pieces of André to present them as a gift and not as the result of a work. I feel like a child in front of this Lego that I build, deconstruct then rebuilt in the expectation that it comes back to me as a gift. Because we are accustomed to thinking and acting with intentionality, we lose the exact relations between speech, thought and action. In art, we do not seek the same end. Taking a picture requires framing, a light check and immobility. For a painter the interpretation of a form or a figure does not require resemblance. It is important to separate the thought from the artistic act from that of a utilitarian act. One must feel the difference between the words "perfection" and "virtuosity". Virtuosity is not a criterion of freedom. Instead of virtuosity, one should think of excellence in seeking to have elegance in the movement. By this means we obtain a sound that reveals itself and reveals us. Elegance also means knowing how to relax. It also means continuously seeking to improve its relationship with the instrument.