Monday, August 07, 2017

André après l'un de ses concerts avec Victor au Fradzl

Roger et André à propos de A Deux Mains 21-01-16 english

R: It's much bigger than the big collage. This project, at my age, allows me to learn to enter the institutional system. I now continue to work with my own money, which comes from the loss of my apartment in the Prophets’ street.
The conditions are different. I started this project to get out of the depression. What was the nature of my depression? A question obsessed me: why paint, and what will happen to all my plastic work?
I have no children. Where will this work go? I do not have a publisher or a person who is in charge of their promotion.
My project, "Mother," is so important, with the thought of wanting to unite, and finding coherence in everything I have done in painting, music, poetry. I want this project to be sufficiently coherent and clear, intelligible, so that it will live on its own.
Finding outsiders and private individuals is a way to protect what I have done and leave a "trace".
Who protected the works of Hédi Tarjàn? You, I and Catherine did. If not, where would they have been? I could not keep them in my studio where they would have slept until my own departure.
Have you spoken recently with Georges Erdely?

A: I wrote in no way, no one was invited to my house, neither Georges nor Dadou. It's a manipulation.

R: That's what you wrote, then?
Dany Erdely did not call me. He made Georges call me to tell me that. I told him that I did not understand, his French being insufficient.

A: All this revolves around the film "the son of Shaul" realized by the son of Daniel Erdely, and therefore the grandson of Miki Erdely.

I received a phone call today from the Hungarian Embassy.
The secretary told me that on Sunday afternoon there will be a screening.

R: We must go and see it. It's a wonderful film.
She said it would be screened in Tel Aviv? Georges E. told me that the projection would take place in Jerusalem.

A: It will be in Tel Aviv on Sunday afternoon. I do not want to miss that. Daniel also wanted to see it.

R: Is it by invitation or in a cinema?

A: It will be in a cinema. I wonder if Mati Erdely, the director, will be there or not.

R: Did Mati ever come to Israel?

A: Yes, when he was a little child. It would be interesting to know whether he would come or not.

R: Concerning Daniel Erdely, I had him on the phone two months ago. I used very nice words; I do not remember exactly which ones.

A: He wants to come. If I go to Hungary, I do not think I'll go see him. I would surely see Georges E., on the other hand.
R: It's a pity, because he was so kind, compared to Georges E. He says himself that he has become a monster. He told me explicitly, "I am a monster."
It is interesting, in this cafe, people wait to be placed ... This coffee has become like the cafes of the Grands Boulevards of Paris. It has become fashionable in Israel.

A: I recently learned that Michel Tournier is dead.

R: Yes, I learned this during Daniel Epstein’s conference.

A: Did he talk about Tournier?

R: No, he talked about Tournier fifteen years ago.

A: Before, Tournier was very interesting. Then he was less and less.

R: He wrote a "Robinson".

A: What is the name of this book?

R: "Robinson".

A: Yes, that's it, he wrote "Robinson." Then he wrote "The King of Alders".
R: It almost feels like the "Café de la Paix" here. We are served like kings.
Szuszi, Miki's wife, was not like that before. Daniel enjoyed it.

A: It probably changed because of this marriage of discrepancies. They loved each other but could not stay together.

R: Are you still composing for these notebooks?

A: Yes indeed. I composed a series of seven pieces for string quartet, with orchestrations. At one point, I had tried to innovate: a work "a cappella", in Hebrew, on "The Song of Songs". If you have the translation in French, you will see that it is written in the fifth chapter, second verse: "I sleep and my heart is awake". Terms such as "the voice of my lover", "my dove", "night-haired", "my heart is awakening", "my beloved" are also used ... It is also written in this chapter: "my hair is filled with dew ".
It's very poetic. It is an ecstatic text.
Since it is so poetic, the most modern school of interpretation of the Song of Songs defines it as songs of love. The girl is waiting for the boy, the boy comes. When she leaves, the boy has fled because police officers intervened.
According to the Kabbalah, this is not a man and a woman, but of G.od with Israel people.

R: You already had a melody for it?

A: No. They are four voices, soprano, alto, tenor, bass, which are themselves split at a certain moment.

R: Is there a melody? Is the voice supported by a melody?

A: Very small melody. It is a lot of improvisations, movements, imitations ... It is more harmonic and polyphonic. There are little bits of melody.

R: How long does it last?

A: This is a question that should not be asked.
The tempo is slow. The piece consists of fourteen bars. If it lasts a minute, that's fine. In the meantime, I always run, I print Victor's wife, and Victor gives them to me. I'm recreating a circuit. That makes me happy.
Just this morning, I went to table things...
I'm like you, I lay things down, without knowing what will happen and how long ... Because I have no more records.
Yesterday I went to "Beth Ha Mifal" with the expert and Acher. The reception agent tells us that there will be some public. They convinced us that if Yair participates, they will give us something next November after the holidays, unless they get a date earlier.
It was in the afternoon. I had deposed Acher. Then I tried, without exaggeration, for an hour. I did not find. I had put him in a corner. But there are a lot of people. Also, there are four floors. I finally found him. I had placed it between two walls.

R: Not to mention technology, there is a mystery around the car. In my opinion, you have angels beside you to protect you. If you had no angels, I do not know where you would be. Even the police do not approach you anymore.
From the way you drive, you'd be in prison for a long time. For thirty years that I have seen you lead, I am sure you have angels. The angels themselves must be more vigilant.
You drive without glasses. Besides, you do not hear. You drive the radio on. So, if someone comes...

A: But I look in front of me.

R: Yes, indeed. But you're in the middle of the road. You're careful, but you're in the middle of the road.
It's interesting for me to know how to protect myself. It's not a question of the ear. Am I really protected? Am I beginning to be protected?

A: Does your phone work?

R: I have a problem: I have no battery. It will not turn on.

A: I will ask someone to lend me his phone. I have to call Etan Kirsch.